About five years ago we got really badass winters over here,  -20 Celsius and snow for 4-5 months, but because of climate warming and some weird stuff  last couple years we only have snow  for a motnh or two. Still we went to a short adventure with Tenks, about 180 kilometre path around the lake on ice and without winter tires of course! 

Lake võrtsjärv is second biggest lake in Estonia, couple of years ago some cool people from võrtsjärv  community marked aslo down a bicycle trail around it. Good start for trip is small town called VILJANDI, there is good train connection with TALLINN. Also starting from viljandi there is more options to buy some food for the road, because mostly there are small village shops later. Bike trail is mostly on cravel roads and near the lake, there is many options for camping basically after every 10 kilometers. Also many small motels and questhouses. Enjoy local village life and friendly people. Winters are extra quiet on this path, in summer you can find many fresh fish from local farm houses for good price! Anyway i also made some pics of Tenks and bikes.

On the road you can find many maps with information.


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