Cheap wine / tuna fish / bikes / this is PORTUGAL

November here in Estonia is the darkest and the most depressive time of the year. Luckily we had our vacation days so we decided to escape that misery. We set our eyes on exploring Portugal on our bikes because it has always been a dream for us.

The journey took us to river Duoro, Serra da Estrela national park, Lisbon Porto Covo (paradise) and all the way through the west-coast. After that we turned south and headed to Malaga, Spain.

We decided to close some distance by train to avoid busy roads. Just 100 km out of Porto, we got back on our bikes and cycled until Pinhao village. From there we took a road down to Serra da Estrela National Park. We had really wanted to have a proper „summer vacation“ and because the weather hadn’t been that nice, we took the train, this time to Lisboa. The temperature rise from 10C to 20C made us really happy. The best part of Portugal has to be the west-coast down from Lisboa! For a wild camper and a prohobo this is a real dream – empty beaches, cliffs, the ocean and mostly hippies hanging around with their vintage Volkswagen vans. The coolest place in Spain we got to visit was Punta Umbria near Huelva with awesome beaches and lots of private places to camp at!

When we reached Malaga, the winter was already catching up to us and we decided to end our bike trip there. We had booked our flight back from Barcelona to Tallinn so we took the train once again and gave some well needed rest to our legs. Barcelona never dissapoints!

IMG_2148IMG_2159IMG_2124IMG_2152IMG_2168IMG_2278IMG_2305IMG_2334IMG_2341IMG_2346IMG_2351IMG_2391IMG_2620IMG_2525IMG_2617IMG_2584IMG_2557IMG_2655IMG_2701IMG_2730IMG_2758IMG_2777IMG_2809IMG_2790IMG_2820IMG_2872IMG_2854IMG_2862IMG_2907IMG_2915IMG_2922IMG_2936IMG_2938IMG_2947IMG_2964IMG_2988IMG_3004IMG_2985IMG_3034IMG_3059IMG_3069IMG_3072IMG_3076IMG_3077IMG_3096IMG_3087IMG_3083IMG_3132IMG_3192IMG_3171IMG_3175IMG_3179IMG_3205IMG_3213IMG_3224IMG_3234IMG_3243IMG_3246IMG_3255IMG_3257IMG_3371IMG_3357IMG_3407IMG_3427IMG_3477IMG_3520IMG_3557IMG_3599IMG_3608IMG_3629The last photo was taken in Milan airport where Tenks looked too shady for the local police. But I’m used to that already. And of course we smelled funny after one Barcelona surfer gave us some kind of cool green herb, and I don’t think it was tea.

Immo and Tenks

One thought on “Cheap wine / tuna fish / bikes / this is PORTUGAL

  1. Looks nice! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    I’m planning that kind of Portugal crossing at the fall… would you have some tracking report to share or even precise roads or particular places to recommend in order to draw the first lines on a map?..
    Have other secret tips in that kind if needed 😉


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