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          We were lagging behind on our dog trailer build, so we decided to get a simple under the tent tarp that we could use to cover it and go for Lola’s first expedition. The tarp is fully wind and waterproof but mind you, it looks hobo because it’s still only temporary. She will eventually get windows and a cabriolet-mode. But until the required materials arrive, we are exploring the wilderness in this.
It is built on a regular Bob Yak trailer, using floor heating plastic pipes as those are seriously strong and elastic and can take a beating. Everything is made so we can repair with simple tools – zip ties and tape.

This was all prepared in a matter of two days, as we had hoped that the rest of our gear would arrive but as force majeure would have it, it did not. But luckily the weather lords were smiling and gave us a good window to go bikepacking with our puppy. Although the sun shined throughout the whole trip, it was still going to drop to 0 celsius at night and stay at 10 celsius during the day. This was not going to stop us, we even devised a clever little wool sweater for our pupper, one which would hopefully keep her warm even if it starts to get rough.

So, we took off for our adventure with minor lags. Apparently dogs don’t like riding in weird plastic boxes which sway side to side. So we had to overcome the obvious 12 step alcoholics program with Lola, so she could relax eventually. This was done with pure persistence and a few broken nails, but we got there, she even slept for a while in there we think. We think. We hope. But she enjoyed it.

Having planned this trip only a few days before (thanks to the weather), we didn’t know if it was going to be worth it at all and if whether we might even have to come back early for some unknown reason, so we decided that the most important thing on this trip was to focus on getting the setup right for Lola, after all this was a test expedition.

Having made several stops along the way, we finally reached far enough from the tarmac that we could set her free to run alongside us. Now, she is a very small pupper, legs are probably as long as half a banana, so imagine our surprise as she was able to run 15 kilometers beside us on the forest trails whilst holding our normal cruising speed. The little fucker is tough. Of course by the end of the day, and as you can see in the video, she was tired and couldn’t wait to get back home to wrap herself in her fleece blanket she so desperately loves.

As for us, well, to be honest we didn’t actually focus on anything else than making the trip a pleasurable experience for our pupper, so we were left a little confused when we arrived back home. It took us a while to recap everything that we enjoyed, but we did enjoy it. It was just the pure joy of letting someone in on the fun of adventuring on a bike that overwhelmed us which in this case was Lola on her one wheeled Bob Yak DIY puppertroller.


Yellow Kneed Moose / Dogpacking the Estonian Wilds / 2017

Roland Langemets & Karin FenskeYKMlogo2017veebruar2017

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