Cravel, mud, forest, lonely roads and wild nature. All this is Kõrvemaa nature reserve, a short section from Oandu-Ikla trail.

You can take train from Tallinn to Aegviidu village and start your trip from there. We went to Aegviidu in the evening and spent a night in Nikerjärve campsite, right next to the train station.

I the morning we followed Oandu-Ikla trail from Aeagviidu to Paukjärve camping place. There are two options, one is cycling trail and other is for walking. Walking trail is more fun and technical. Sometimes there is  a wall in front of you and it’s really cool to climb it. Also bring some vodka because your feet is gonna hurt. Cycling trail is more sandy and boring…

So second day we went back to Aegviidu and followed mostly cross-country skiing trails through Kõrvemaa sports centre. From Aegvidu we went south also on Oandu-Ikla train until we reached to Kakerdaja swamp. Actually there was about 50 people in Kakerdaja swamp, so we escaped about 10 kilometers to a more private camping place. But Kakerdaja bog itself is worh to see!

So if you only have a weekend off or couple of days to explore Estonia, then don’t waste your time in Tallinn old town drinking…escape to Kõrvemaa!













I add here some links that can be useful for your trip. But you cal always write us fo facebook or through web site.

Train timetables and tickets: www.elron.ee

Camping places and information: RMK

Oandu – Ikla trail information: Oandu-Ikla

Bikepacking Estonia facebook

Ride with us!
Kristjan Rohtla

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