Our first 100 top-tube bags are ready! We are the first company in Estonia who designs and makes bikepacking equipment. We spent months to find the right sewing company who would satisfy our needs and demands. Since quality is our top priority, testing different prototypes in order to find the best ones took most of the developing process.

Our new top-tube bag is perfect for all kinds of different bikes. Take it off-road or cruise around the city! It has enough space for small items like wallets, battery banks, smartphones, snacks etc. All our bags are made from PVC 600 fabric – it is waterproof and also keeps the bag in good shape. The stitches are strong and they are designed to be waterproof. Our zippers are YKK (waterproof). There’s a small slit on the front side of the bag for USB cables and wires for lights or GPS devices. This is small enough to keep water from getting in. The bag has two velcro fastenings to fit different frames. The front velcro has a higher and lower position to adjust to the stem and it is sewn to the bag. Our top-tube bag has a lining on the bottom to keep fragile things safe.

Our bags are designed and made in Estonia!

You can order bags on our website. If you live in Estonia or nearby countries it is possible to order them from City Bike e-shop. It’s possible to order bags in two different color schemes: camo and black!

CAMO Top-tube bag



BLACK top-tube bag




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