Kristjan Rohtla / IMMO – Bicycle guide and  tourism manager,  founder of Bikepacking Estonia project. / instagram / facebook /

I hate sport but love cycling.  I’ve always been attracted to visit new places and explore nature, and so far bikepacking is my favourite way to do it. I started this project to share our experience of Estonia and meet new people with whom I could share the joys of the world of bikepacking. Luckily I found some people who think the same way!



Kristjan Teener / TENKS – Brains and mechanic, founder of Bikepacking Estonia project.

Tenks is a real prohobo. Knows everything about bikes and has a strong opinion on everything. Always in for adventures. Couple bottles of whiskey and sleepless nights between cycling days are never a problem for him.


RKL-YKM (1 of 1)Roland Langemets and Karin Fenske / @langemetsykm @karinfenskeykm

Roland is a real bike lover, coming from a biketrials background, he has been putting together bikes for over 15 years now. Karin is the clear minded side of this duo, whenever Roland gets an idea, it has to get run by Karin to make it viable. Karin is still fresh in the bike world but she’s learing fast. A newer addition to the duo is Lola, an adventuredog who will be joining on all the adventures. You can find more info on Instagram and Youtube (Yellow Kneed Moose)!


Oliver Viikmaa@Patsike

Oliver is the designer of our bikepacking bags. What’s more, he knows how to use a sewing machine. Thanks to Oliver, we never run out of ideas for crazy projects. He is likewise into traveling and new adventures, which is a common passion among the whole team!
By the way, Oliver has said that he is one of the last vikings from Estonia. His viking name is PATSOR.


14141698_10154562128994214_6886044779184901687_nAts Viira

Ats knows everything about camping gear and how to survive in the forest. Building a teepee is a 10 minute job to him.  Bikepacker and also a  lone wolf on trails. @atsviira